Fire Safety Map

Are You Safe?
Does your building require fire extinguishers throughout?

Every state has a State Fire Code with a section on fire extinguisher requirements.
Scroll over each state to get an overview of what the state fire code is based on and if the state has made any enhancements to the fire code.

The dark gray states below have worked with The Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association to change the states fire code to
Require Fire Extinguishers Throughout Most Occupancies in Buildings.

If you want to get involved and help out in your state, let us know.

Select a category below to learn more about state fire extinguisher requirements.
State Fire Code Based On
Alabama IFC 2009
Alaska IFC 2015
Arizona IFC 2012
Arkansas IFC 2012
California IFC 2015
Colorado NFPA Model
Connecticut IFC 2012
Delaware NFPA Model
Florida NFPA Model
Georgia IFC 2012
Hawaii NFPA Model
Idaho IFC 2015
Illinois NFPA Model
Iowa IFC 2009
Kansas IFC 2006
Kentucky IFC 2015
Louisiana NFPA Model
Maine NFPA Model
Maryland NFPA Model
Massachusetts NFPA Model
Michigan NFPA Model
Minnesota IFC 2015
Montana IFC 2012
Nebraska NFPA Model
Nevada IFC 2006
New Hampshire NFPA Model
New Mexico IFC 2009
New York IFC 2015
North Dakota NFPA Model
Ohio IFC 2015
Oklahoma IFC 2015
Oregon IFC 2012
Rhode Island NFPA Model
South Carolina IFC 2015
South Dakota IFC 2015
Tennessee IFC 2012
Utah IFC 2015
Vermont NFPA Model
Washington IFC 2015
West Virginia NFPA Model
Wisconsin NFPA Model
Wyoming IFC 2015
State Fire Code Based On
Indiana IFC 2012
Mississippi IFC 2012
New Jersey IFC 2015
North Carolina IFC 2009
Pennsylvania IFC 2009
Virginia IFC 2012
State Fire Code Based On
Missouri N/A
Texas N/A

NOTE: State and local laws, regulations and codes are constantly changing. Always consult the jurisdiction of interest for the most current information.